If there were ever a potion to make me fall in love with someone…

3 parts intelligent and conscious of the world around us (ecological, political, philosophical, etc.)

4 parts humility

2 parts humor

2 parts seriousness

4 parts trust

4 parts communication

3 parts good music

3 parts tells me things I don’t want to hear (doesn’t keep things from me)

1 part good looks

2 parts romantic

4 parts adventurous

4 parts love of nature

2 parts musician

2 parts artist

3 parts active (physically, politically, ecologically, emotionally, etc.)

1 part stay in bed with me, it’s lazy day

4 parts understanding

5 parts just as fucked up as I am and admittance of it

4 parts stability /durability

3 parts know how to touch me

2 parts spontaneity

1 part fit

10 parts friendship

Dash of poet; good with words

Mix together as best as possible, though concoction may still be inconsistent. Simmer over a small flame of desire. Stir slowly - stirring to fast may ruin the potency. Gradually increase temperature until boiling over a large fire of passion. Let boil until emotions crystallize. Lower heat. Voila.

Stinson Beach Clean Up - March 9, 2014.

Cleaned up Stinson Beach, met some new friends and jammed. I had almost forgotten how much I loved jamming with banjo players!! Much love to Everything for Everyone and our lovely and committed vibe tribe!

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Such a great day! Went to Antioch for a habitat restoration which was cool but kinda weird. We were an hour late because of Henri, planted a couple oaks and buckeyes, got interrupted by some weird ceremony where the people who put everything together gave each other certificates, planted tons of grass, then got interviewed for TV and a $10 gift card for Starbucks for being the group that stayed the longest.

Afterwards, we hiked along a creek and found our way around. Grant had to go home so Daniel gave him a ride and Tim and I hung out at Civic while we waited for Daniel and Henri and we saw a few people then hiked along another creek in Briones off Bear Valley. Eventually we left for a lecture/presentation about climate change. That was cool and a great refresher course, but nothing I hadn’t heard before.

All in all a very successful day :)

So last night I was going to call Alex and throw up all my feelings but then Henri ended up calling me and ranting for like an hour and a half about everything on his mind and how everything is pretty fucked up right now and I guess all I really needed was to listen to someone else.



A Form of Happiness: Dopamine

We have all felt the rush and experienced the feeling of happiness, and Speculative Design artist Jessica Charlesworth, along with her husband, Product Designer Tim Parsons, has made it tangible. The couples’ A Form of Happiness project has masterfully resulted in their creation of a wood and magnetic representation of the neurotransmitter responsible for releasing the chemical that fuels our desire for happiness. The effects of the organic chemical, dopamine, are likened to the euphoric feeling and pleasurable physical reaction to things such as searching through sale racks while shopping, enjoying a delicious meal, or the pleasure received from engaging in sexual activity.

A Form of Happiness, displayed as the physical model of dopamine, is part of a kit that allows user to assemble the wooden pieces into the chemical compound strand. Each part is held together by embedded neodymium magnets. The kit includes examples of the various roles that the physical piece could take on and provides a more vivid display of what occurs during moments when dopamine is released. Charlesworth and Parsons pose the question, ‘What makes you happy?’ and while the answers will vary by person, as their model and kit prove, the feeling is the same for everyone. Happiness is a simple chemical reaction we seek it throughout life; a chemical bit of magic. 

Visit Jessica Charlesworth’s Portfolio

- Lee Jones

Art like this makes me happy.

Anonymous asked:
Pleas give us a life update!!

Soooo Life update oh man okay so I’m in school full time. Taking 7 classes but about to drop one. I have A’s in all of them though :-) I quit my job to go to school. I’ve been backpacking and hiking and camping an ass ton.

I really have a main goal in life and my eyes are kinda set on that goal so I’m trying my hardest not to get distracted by pleasure seeking things (as one of my friends put it) like love and relationships and stuff but sex is so hard to resist you know!! I don’t have anyone special. Basically gave up on finding anyone in this area because there’s really no one durable and stable around me (relationship wise). And I guess that sounds mean but it’s true. So many free floating people on a don’t ask don’t tell basis and I clearly dig it considering I’ve been hookin up with a few guys for a little while now but I’m getting so tired of the instability. It’s cool though because it’s easy to not get jealous when you form no emotional attachment. All the guys I’ve been hookin up with are just really dope friends of mine that happen to be physically appealing, too, you know?

School is awesome, I’m taking Nature Study and Conservation which is basically one of the dopest classes ever. We learn about nature and how to ID certain plants and birds and take a field trip every Wednesday. Super tight. Jazz History is funkin sick. My philosophy class has the biggest work load but it’s tied with Nature Study as my favorite class. I have the dopest professor. Then Horticulture, Aboriculture, Permaculture, and Spring Plant Production.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I really have no knowledge of anything. I want to clean and organize everything the week before spring break then go backpacking and start on a new slate because everything seems so complicated right now and I know it’s not. I just need some solid time in nature.

I’m quitting cigarettes :) Consequently, everyone and everything is pissing me off. I’ve been feeling really weird about my friends. Friends with tons of people and no one to really confide in. I feed my friends bullshit stories about the least of my worries so they seem like the biggest problems I have, but they’re not. Just wish I could really spend a day or few in a regional/state/national park and tell someone my life stories and my deepest secrets and emotions and vice versa. I just want a real friend. I don’t want a lover or a boyfriend, I just want a friend. Someone I can call when I’m sad or scared or just need/want to talk. Maybe my friend standards are just too high? Maybe I’m afraid my friends will gossip. People have big mouths, whether they’re materialistic or not (though they tend to be the latter). Maybe I’m afraid because all my friends know each other and we tell each other everything. I just don’t feel comfortable sharing anything really deep with these cats because we’re so communal and everything gets around. Not to say I don’t like it, I love it, I just don’t feel like I have a confidante is what I’m trying to say. No best friend.

On that note, I’m very happy with my life and I feel as if everything is heading in the right direction even though there are bumps in the road. It could be a million times worse, which is why I’m striving to make the world a million times better.


I’m so annoyed by everyone lol I can’t tell if I’m legitimately annoyed or just angsty because I have a tumblr again

Doodling hella hard

Good God I am getting so distracted. After this week I’m cutting contact with like everyone so I can get back on track. Why am I so sick of everyone right now holy shit